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About Fernley Intermediate School

about 1 year ago

How many students attend FIS? 

as of Fall 2017 FIS has 660 students enrolled. 

What grades does FIS serve? 

5th and 6th grade 

Do I need to live in a certain area of Fernley for my child to attend FIS?

FIS serves all 5th and 6th grade students regardless of where you live within Fernley. We are the only 5th and 6th grade school in Fernley. 

How many teachers does FIS have? 

FIS has 36 fabulous teachers. 

5th grade- 12

6th grade 12

Special Programs - 12

Please see the FIS Staff page for teacher bio's and information. 

What are FIS's Demographics? 

White: 69%
Hispanic: 23%
Native: 3%
Black: 2%
Asian: 1%
Pacific Islander: 1%
Two or more races: 1%
(May 2017)

Male: 54%
Female; 46%